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Famous Amadeus Pizza Reviews on Grubhub


Top Reviewer
This is the restaurant where I make more Grubhub orders than anywhere else. ALL their food is good. Their hamburgers are amazing! Medium well is then best IMO


1 review
Food was fast. Not the tastiest pizza we've had, but it got the job done for a late night order!


2 reviews
It came so quick, and everything tasted great. It's good food, and the prices are so low for ny.


1 review
I appreciate the prompt response. And the order is correct. Delivery is polite and gracious.


3 reviews
always a great experience and on time. everybody loved the spinach raviolli!! thanks!

Reviews from Seamless.com

Famous Amadeus Pizza Reviews on Seamless


2 reviews
Always order from here but last week I had a nice experience. I ordered a Philly Cheese and a snapple but when the delivery man showed up he notified me that he forgot the snapple. No big deal he quickly asked if i wanted the two dollar refund or he can also go back if i wanted.I love this place and their customer service so i took my refund without hesitation . They are quick and food always gets home hot. I really recommend their Philly Cheese steak or Mushroom burger ! Ordered yesterday and ordering right after this review. Thanks Amadeus!


3 reviews
I order from Famous Amadeus a fair amount and it's always been good so I decided to do catering for a party from them. There was a bit of a misunderstanding whether the pasta came mixed in or on the side and it came mixed in and I thought it would be on the side. I called to talk to them about it and they were so so good about the solution and brought us a new tray of eggplant 20 mins later. I was really appreciative of their attentiveness to this and figuring out how to come to a solution. Overall a great experience! Everyone loved the food.


Top Reviewer
The fuckin wave!!! I have to try more of their food out the chicken parm with ziti was on point! ?????? took a little longer than expected to deliver but i won't let that stop me from giving it give stats because nowhere past 12 will you get fresh TASTY pasta or maybe you can but I just haven't found any place. Regardless, first impressions are everything and they certainly made a great first impression. Tasty fresh food with great portion and great price couldn't ask for more.


2 reviews
I've ordered from here at least a dozen times over the last six months and I honestly cannot complain about a single time. My favorites are the philly cheese steak, the calzones are awesome, and the stuffed shells are always on point. The only thing I didn't like was the meat lasagna it was good and well cooked just the flavor wasn't for me. I would recommend this place to anyone who wants good Italian food. The pizza is good too.


1 review
I must write a positive review for Amadeus. Today is my 7th time ordering from them in the past 3 months. First of all, Amadeus's pricing is fair and reasonable. I usually order philly cheese stake for the most times, it tastes superb. I'm extremely picky about italian pastas and today's meat sauce pasta took me back to Milan. And, the volume they serve is beyond the capacity of my gut. Best delivery food in New York.

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Amadeus Pizza bring you the best pizza in all of New York City. Cheeseburgers, combo specials, Heros, Paninis, etc. There is something for everyone and every appetite. Located on 8th Avenue, we have a specious locale for your dining pleasure. Our prompt and efficient delivery service is unparalleled. If you can't make it to us - no problem - we'll come to you! Click On The Order Online tab above and we'll deliver right to your office. And be sure to make use of our advance order feature to ensure that your food is delivered exactly when you want it.